Summertime in Boston

It’s finally summer here in the greater Boston area and as the heat rolls in ministry begins to roll out into high gear.

The church has a number of events planned for the next few months including evangelism training, a church picnic, community day, volunteering with new student orientation at a local college, and much more!

The church is doing well. We’ve had some folks move away and others join the congregation and we have seen the Lord provide and answer prayer in big ways.

Here we are at Quincy Bay Church for Amelia’s dedication. We are so thankful for our little church family and the love they share.

As the weather got warmer we took advantage of the opportunity to get outdoors and have some fun family time.

Silas had really grown recently and he couldn’t be more proud of his participation medal for his second year of T-Ball.

We’ve had a bit of a rough beginning to the year not the least of which was having to move house! With an infant!

But the Lord provided a great new home and we are even closer to the church now!

Amelia is super cute and that hair!!! We are so thankful for her life and are excited to watch her grow.

We also had some friends come to visit and we got to go and visit friends too!

Above is Brad and Suzanne Hunt who now work at Hume Lake Christian Camp New England which is here in Massachusetts! We had a great day with them exploring, fishing, and eating ice cream. 🙂

We are thankful for your prayers and support. The regular emails, phone calls, gift cards, and letters we receive are a constant source of encouragement when life or ministry go through seasons of difficulty. God has used you to lift our spirits and remind us of His gracious provision.

God is at work here in Boston. Though the spiritual soil is tough, He is able (more than able) to draw hearts, change lives, and accomplish great things.

Thanks again for being a part of the Lord’s work.

Until next time…




* Praise for the new visitors and families who have come to Quincy Bay Church.

* Please pray for fruitful evangelistic opportunities this summer.

* Please pray the Lord would bring more individuals and families to QBC that they might grow and serve in the church.

* Please pray for our family to stay healthy and be encouraged in this busy season.

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