Winter Update (Baby is coming soon!)

‘Tis the season! And for the Berthiaume’s in Boston, the season has been jam-packed!

Church events, new ministry opportunities, Christmas celebrations, and preparing to welcome our baby girl into our home. A lot has been going on and we’ve got pictures!


We were blessed by the visit of two Pastors from Grace Chapel Lancaster. Brad and Jeremy joined us for a weekend of ministry here in Quincy. We also made sure to show them around our great city and gave them a dose of true taste of Bostonian culture with a visit to Fenway Park!

Pastor Brad was one of our guest speakers at our church’s Reformation Conference along with Dr. Robert Burrelli, a local pastor and adjunct professor with the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was a blessed time for all in attendance.IMG_0055

Above is a photo of the outside of our church and a few of the brothers and sisters in Christ here in Quincy. We love these people dearly and are so thankful the Lord blesses us to minister to and with them.


Quincy Bay Church goes out into our community regularly to share Christ, and as winter sets in we make sure to have free coffee on hand while we engage others in gospel conversations. Please pray for this evangelism, that the Lord would draw the lost in our area to salvation by His mercy and grace. IMG_0054

The Lord has also blessed our congregation with Baptisms and this past month I had the privilege of baptizing one of the children in our church. May God continue to lead others to such bold declarations of His love and grace!


As Christmas is upon us Quincy Bay Church has been making the most of the season! Our women’s ministry held a celebration breakfast for the ladies who have been meeting every week to go through a book together. Our young adults ministry just held a Christmas game night full of festive food and fun. And our midweek home group will be hosting a church potluck tomorrow evening to celebrate the Lord’s goodness towards our little fellowship.

And as wonderful as it is to gather and celebrate with those brothers and sisters in our congregation, Christmas also provides ample opportunity for us to reach out to those in our community in practical ways.

This past Saturday our church partnered with a local crisis center to deliver food and toys to underprivileged families in Quincy. It was a wonderful time to bless those in our city with not only some practical provisions, but also with hope in Christ. Through this ministry we were able to pray with some hurting people and build relationships for future ministry.

We will also be ministering in a local retirement home this upcoming Saturday with carols, a gospel presentation, and some loving conversations with the residents there. Please pray for this time on Saturday!

The last big event we are gearing up for is our Christmas Eve service filled with carols, musical performances, and a Christmas message. Those in our congregation have been inviting many of our neighbors and friends in the community so please pray that the Lord would be honored and that hearts would be open to the Gospel as it is preached.


Winter in Boston is no joke and we’ve already had our first snow last week. Silas absolutely loves it (as do we!) and now that he’s four he thinks snowball fights are the best thing EVER! He’s been praying for the last two weeks that it will snow on Christmas day.

We are all pretty excited for Christmas but I think it is fair to say we are even more excited about our little baby girl who is due in just 23 days! At one of our scans the ultra sound tech surprised us with a 3D image and she’s looking absolutely beautiful. 🙂


We wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and let you know how much we appreciate your prayers and support. Your emails, cards, gifts, and phone calls mean so much to us. God has blessed us with your love, prayers, and financial support and without you we wouldn’t be able to live and minister in Quincy, MA.

May God bless your continued faithfulness to Him.

Until next time…





  • Praise the Lord for all the fellowship opportunities QBC has had this Christmas season.
  • Praise the Lord for our baby girl, and pray for a safe delivery and quick recovery for Anna. Also for Silas as he transitions into his new role as a big brother.
  • Please pray for our upcoming Christmas service and that we would reach a number of our neighbors with the gospel.
  • Please pray for our time this Saturday at the retirement community, that we would show Christ’s love through our actions and the Gospel will be clearly presented.
  • Please pray for our finances. They have decreased over the last year, with a further drop expected in January, and with the coming baby our need is actually going up.
  • Please pray the Lord would bring more individuals and families to QBC that they might grow and serve in the church.

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