Ministry, Family, and BABY Update!!!

Hello everyone,

Wow, we can’t believe the summer is almost over. We are long over due for an update. Morning sickness really slowed things down for me (Anna) for a while this summer but I am feeling much better now and am looking forward to updating you guys on the goings on here at Quincy Bay Church!
This summer was packed with great ministry and wonderful opportunities to serve.
We continued our usual street evangelism on Thursday nights but as we mentioned in our previous post we moved the location for the summer to Quincy’s beach. Beautiful evenings full of great open doors for the gospel. Even more people from the church joined in these evangelistic outreaches which meant more gospel conversations. It is such a great time of sharing the good news!
On Sunday afternoons I (Anna) led a group of Grad & Post Grad girls through a study of the book of Romans. It was a great time of digging into the word together and also deepening relationships.
In other news, we partnered with a local college and the church purchased a personal Bible for every new incoming student. The school then added these Bibles to the official welcome bag that every new student received! We also showed up on orientation day to help the students move into their dorms, chat about local things, and invite them to church. Later that same week the school invited us back and we gave out free resources to all the students.
As summer draws to a close and autumn rolls around we are beginning to switch gears. Alan will be leading a few men in the church through leadership training, which is exciting. I think every church planter would tell you that a big need in new churches is trained qualified men to step up into leadership positions.
I (Anna) am leading a book club on Friday mornings for women. It’s always a Christian book but there are women in attendance who aren’t believers, praise the Lord. It’s a unique time of fellowship and outreach.
Lastly, we are in prep mode for a reformation conference that Quincy Bay Church is hosting. One of our most asked questions we get while evangelizing is, “what’s the difference between Protestants and Catholics?” Most people here have a catholic background but aren’t practicing. Our whole church is looking forward to this event and other churches from around Boston are already beginning to RSVP.
We regularly celebrate all of these small, but important moments in the life of our little church and we pray the Lord will continue to use us for His glory in the Greater Boston area.
On the home front, we are doing well as I’m feeling much better now that morning sickness has subsided. We are very excited to be expecting a little GIRL to join our family at the beginning of January!
Alan had a whirlwind 48 hour trip to Bakersfield a couple weeks ago for his grandmother’s funeral. He got to see some family he hasn’t seen in a while and be with his brothers and parents for a couple nights. Thankfully his grandmother loved the Lord and the funeral was a celebration of her life. We are so thankful Alan was able to go back and honor his grandma’s long life in the Lord with family.
Silas turns four in a month and we’re looking forward to celebrating his young life and what a blessing he is to our family. On a side note he is ecstatic about becoming a big brother, which is pretty cute. At any given moment he might start shouting at my tummy to talk to the baby. She will definitely recognize his voice when she makes her debut. đŸ™‚
We hope this email finds you well. We have included some prayer requests below, and as always please let us know if we can be in prayer for you in a specific way. We pray for all of you in general but would be honored to pray for any specifics you’d like us to.
Alan, Anna, Silas and Baby Girl Berthiaume
Prayer Requests:
Friday Morning Book Club: That it’s a blessing to the believers who come and opens doors for the gospel with the unbelievers.
Evangelism nights: That we would proclaim Christ boldly.
Finances: We are still a significant amount short each month. We continue to trust the Lord in all that He provides for us. By joining with us you are such an integral part of what The Lord is doing here in Quincy. Please share with others about what the Lord is doing as recounting the faithfulness of God is a great way to encourage others to get involved too.
Pregnancy: Healthy pregnancy for Anna and baby.
Reformation Conference: That the Lord would be glorified. That questions about Protestants and Catholics will be answered. That faith would be strengthened.

One thought on “Ministry, Family, and BABY Update!!!

  1. Looks like the Lord is moving and working through you and your team. Thank you for being willing servants. Debbie Egemo (Cari Dietzel’s Momma) God Bless you all. I will be praying for the furthering of the gospel.


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