Location, Location, Location

The Lord has provided and the Sunday service have officially moved out of our house and into our new public location! We are renting the auditorium of Atlantic Middle School and are thankful for the Lord’s guidance. The space will afforded us the opportunity to engage the local public in a more accessible locale and definitely gives us room to grow.

So have a look at some pics we’ve taken and if you’re ever in town, you’d be most welcome at Quincy Bay Church. 😉


Advertising has begun as A-Frames with the church’s info are being put up and look great!


We have a large auditorium with plenty seating and a great stage which we utilize.


Jeff and Matt are a tremendous blessing as they utilize their gifting to serve the church. We are so thankful to the Lord for these men!

As for a personal update, we are in good spirits and good health. We love our city and the abundant opportunities it provides. We continue to meet new people and connect to other like-minded churches in an effort to reach the greater Boston area for Christ.

Silas is enjoying the summer weather and the finer points of being two and a half years old. 🙂


And we are so thankful for our little family.


Thanks again for all the love and prayers. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your support.

Until next time…




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One thought on “Location, Location, Location

  1. Praises for a new location. Prayers as you keep reaching out into your community, willing hearts and minds, those seeking and those who are lost.

    Thank you for being a bright light into the darkness.


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