Of Snails and Arks

“By perseverance the snail reached the Ark.” – CH Spurgeon 🙂

I hope this quote brought a smile to your face and that it will serve as a good reminder that the Lord has placed before us a journey of faithfulness and endurance, not a destination to be reached in a hurry. We here in Boston continue to scooch forward in faithfulness to the calling God has put before us.

Quincy Bay Church has just held its tenth Sunday service and we thank the Lord for His grace. Anna and I are blessed to have two other families committed to QBC as their home church and who partner with us in this work the Lord began. Weekly we are hearing testimony among our families of new people met, gospel conversations, and opportunities for community involvement. On top of that we have had a number of visitors from Quincy attend our Sunday service as well as a few familiar faces from California and England, which are always a treat. 🙂

As a small church plant we are focused on two principles as we look to the future: (1) faithfulness to God and (2) walking by faith. We believe God blesses faithfulness to Him (Ps 31:23; 101:6) and His word (Matt 24:46; 28:19,20) and we desire to be known as a local congregation in Quincy committed to honoring the Lord in all we do and say. Secondly, though we make plans and act on them, we trust the Lord to provide direction (Prov 3:5,6; Jer 10:23) and we follow His providential guidance for the future of this church plant as we walk by faith. 

Anna and I have been so encouraged as we have received many emails, cards, and gifts from those of you who support this church and we just want to say a big, “thank you” as it means so much to us to know people are praying and excited about this ministry.

Palmdale Community Church (in California) led by Pastor Dean Spoelstra encouraged us with gifts and prayer cards!One of the small groups at Concord Baptist Church (in South Carolina) led by Dr. Don Cox put together a tub filled with Children’s Ministry supplies! What a blessing!

But we have also received a number of visits from friends around the world which have been a great encouragement to us.

Pastor Jeremy Hartley visited from Grace Chapel Lancaster and we managed to squeeze in a day-trip to NYC.And a Rex Sox game. 🙂Pastor Roger Araujo from Calvary Chapel Oxford visited with his family and we showed them around our beautiful city.Here is a pic during the Araujo’s visit with the families of Quincy Bay Church.Silas always loves playing with his friends.Especially when it’s nice enough to go out and enjoy the beach and Quincy Bay!
Anna and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary and thank the Lord for His faithfulness.

Situate lighthouse.Silas has loved getting out in this nice weather and absolutely adores carousels……and ice cream.

And Silas is really getting into music 😉

As for the church, we have continued to preach the Word and I have been blessed to share the pulpit with my Associate Pastor Matt O’Sullivan, who is a passionate preacher. If you would like to listen to any past sermons you can find them on our church website at QuincyBayChurch.com

Now that we have a number of Sunday worship services under our belt we are hoping to move to a more public-friendly location and are still in the application stage of making this move.

We would appreciate your prayers as we make this transition and follow the Lord’s leading.

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement. We thank God for you and your role in our lives.
To Him be the glory!
Until next time…




One thought on “Of Snails and Arks

  1. Most beginning are small, where two ar three are gathered in His name He is there. Thank You Lord for Your many blessings. As they make their plans; they faithfully desire Your odering of their steps.


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