First Sunday Service

Eight months.

That’s all it took. 

Eight months after we arrived in Boston we were up and holding our first Sunday worship service.

Moving into our new home, buying enough chairs to seat more than the three of us, getting the word out locally that we intended to church plant, meeting neighbors and strangers and asking if they’d be interested in joining us for a mid-week Bible study, watching God bring people to us, interacting with other local congregations, buying resources for the church, appointing an associate pastor, praying with the small number who The Lord had assembled, judging the time, assembling the necessary practicals, and going for it.

Eight months is all that took.

This past Sunday, April 24, 2016 marked Quincy Bay Church’s inaugural Sunday worship service. 

It was officially open to the public and we had two individuals attend who had never come to any QBC function before.

The service was held in our home as we are in the middle of contract talks for a public location and want to be prepared to put our best foot forward when we move to the new site. So these first handful of Sunday’s will serve as a momentum builder in order to hit the ground running when we transition.

We had eight adults and five children in attendance and Anna and I just have to sit back and marvel at how The Lord works. We only knew one person who lived in Quincy when we first moved to the greater Boston area. 

Jesus famously said in Matthew 16:18 “…I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.”

He sure does. He saves the lost. He opens the eyes of the blind. He guides His sheep. And He leads them to pasture together.

The Lord has done all the heavy lifting. We have just been faithful to follow His lead.

The service was great – Jeff led us in song to the Lord, we took communion together for the first time, and I preached the first sermon of what will be a multi-year long exposition through the Gospel According to John.

Anna reminded me the evening before that Sunday that this marked the first milestone of what will, Lord willing, be our lives work. Quincy Bay Church has held its first Sunday. The starting gun has been fired. Now it’s about setting the pace. This isn’t a sprint. 

For a church, once you’ve taken off, there’s really no end. Sunday’s with Quincy Bay Church will be our foreseeable future and to be honest, it’s a little intimidating.

But the Lord gave good instruction for times like this. Matthew 6:34 “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself.”

So we are going to give each Sunday to the care of the Lord as it comes. God is good and is worthy of praise from the people on the shores of Quincy. It’s our heart to see that come to fruition.

Thanks for partnering with us along this journey and for blessing us with encouraging words and times of prayer. And if you’re ever in the Boston area over a weekend, come and join us on Sunday. We’d love to fellowship together.
Until next time…


Alan Berthiaume, Pastor & Teacher, Quincy Bay Church

3 thoughts on “First Sunday Service

  1. You look great behind that lecturn! Praying everyday for you and QBC. May God truly bless you and your family as the journey shifts into another gear.


  2. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. May you all be blessed in the coming days, months and years to come as you spread the Word of the Lord.


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