Church Planting: Ducks in a Row

This popular statue in Boston’s Public Garden is based on the children’s book classic “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey. It’s a common photo spot by many tourists. It’s beloved by Bostonians. It’s often dressed up for various events. It also serves as a reminder to me today of The Lord’s calling to church plant.

One cannot rush into church planting like a dog racing across lanes of traffic. Rather, think of this mother and her ducklings facing the perils of the road. It requires patience. Organization. Ducks in a row. Look both ways. Check the ducks once more. Step out and go, go, go!

If church planting is indeed like this illustration then we are currently in the penultimate stage. We are checking the ducks once more and keeping an eye on the traffic. We’ve made sure everyone’s together. We’ve seen the traffic patterns ahead of us. We’ve prepared for this and we know where we are going. We can see a gap coming and that’s when we’ll go. And we’ll go together. We’ll go in an orderly fashion and we’ll not doddle.

In my heart I feel like any parent does in this kind of anxious situation. I’m not just crossing the street. I’ve got others, who I care about, to think of. My pulse picks up a bit when I look at the street and those big cars. But I know we cannot stand on the curb and wait forever. At some point we have to step out.

And that’s when it hit me. In this illustration i’m not the mother duck at the front of the pack making decisions. God is. Like those He has put with me, I too am looking to His guidance and initiative. And when He leads us out, I too will trust His plan was made with the best of care, because He cares for us.

1Peter 5:7 – “[cast] all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”

Isn’t that a great relief? It is for me.

The last few weeks have been filled with considering our steps forward as He guides and we know we’re going soon. We are in the negotiation stage in regards for a meeting place to hold Sunday services and when we finally sign the contract we will need to be prepared to start. So preparations are already underway. Order of service. Bulletins. Communion. Offerings. Worship songs. Future church calendar. And of course the preparation of the Word. Study. Prayer. Understanding. Communication.

In the midst of these plans we continue to hold our regular mid-week Bible study and prayer time as we make our way through the book of Acts. Six months in and this week we’ll start chapter seven. Digging in deep and loving it! Anna has also begun to lead women through a weekly book study as another official ministry of the church and it’s going great!

Here’s some other stuff we’ve been up to.

Alan recently attended a local pastoral conference and enjoyed fellowship with other like-minded churches from all over the New England area.

Silas continues to grow up too quickly and is starting to see some more outdoor play time as the spring settles in. (Though as a write this there is snow on the ground.)

And Anna and I celebrated her 30th birthday with a child-free three day trip to New York City while “Nana” (Anna’s mom Christine) graciously babysat Silas. It was a great time and very memorable.


Let me sign off by saying a big “thanks” to all our encouraging friends, family, and supporters who make church planting in Boston possible. May God truly bless you for your work in this ministry.


Until next time…



One thought on “Church Planting: Ducks in a Row

  1. So glad the Lord is blessing the church family in Boston. May He give you wisdom, strength and perseverance in this new journey you are all on.


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