Road Trip Pics

Hello from Boston!
We safely made it across country and have some memories to share with you all. Enjoy the pics!
Our good friends Jeremy & Noel Hartley made us this “Boston or Bust” sign and as you’ll see it got plenty of use!

Nevada, the Silver State

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State

Utah, the Beehive State

Colorado, the Centennial State

Kansas, the Sunflower State

Family pic driving through Kansas… Not much else to do!

Missouri, the Show Me State (didn’t have a shoulder to pull over on.)

St. Louis Missouri
Missing: Illinois, the “We Don’t Put Up Any Signs For Our State, State”

Indiana, the Hoosier State

Kentucky, the Bluegrass State

Ohio, the Buckeye State

Pennsylvania, the Keystone State

New York, the Empire State

Niagara Falls, wow.

Taking the Niagara Falls boat trip and about to get soaking wet!

Silas loved it!

About to enter the mist.

Almost home!

Massachusetts, the Bay State

Silas standing on our home’s front step and very excited to be out of the car. 🙂

The B Hive. Home.
Until next time…

5 thoughts on “Road Trip Pics

  1. Thank you for sharing your cross country “Welcome” to the ??? states. Loved the Niagara Falls photos. And… your home looks quite nice.


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