How We Got Here Part 4: As of Today

After we discerned the “where,” and the “how,” the next step was “when?” The Lord worked that out too. In January 2015 we were notified by the UK border agency that they had revoked the sponsorship license from the Calvary Chapel Association (who we were serving with) in the UK. We, therefore, we’re given 60 days to leave the country. Wow, Anna called it. But even this, we saw as affirmation and direction from the Lord. It is actually the grace of God that we had not began a work in one of these towns in England only to be forced to leave the country shortly thereafter.

So we packed our belongings, shipped them to the US, and at the end of February moved our family back to Southern California. Since we have been back we have utilized this time to reconnect with family and friends whom we had not seen and spent significant time with in over six years. God is good and our time has been sweet, but when a fire (like church planting) is lit in your heart, all you want to do is get out there as soon as possible and start preaching the gospel.

To that end I, Alan Berthiaume, along with Pastor David Jackson took a trip to the city of Boston in May to connect with some of the church planters there and begin preparations for our eventual move. During that time we were even able to narrow down a target suburb to where we would move and begin our work. How exciting! Upon our return we met with the elders of Grace Chapel Lancaster, shared the open door for the word that has been laid before us, and have received full approval to move forward with the church plant. We will be partnering with Grace Chapel Lancaster through their sending branch, Grace Global Ministries in this endeavor and have already begun raising financial support.

So I think that brings you up to speed of where we are at. In the next post I’ll explain how you can support us financially but for now let me solicit your prayers. The Bible tells us that “the prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective” (James 5:16).  So please pray with us, and to God be the glory!

Until next time…



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