How We Got Here Part 2: Bean Town

So there we were, Anna, Silas, and I flying to Boston for our first official vision trip. We got off the plane unaware of what we would find but committed to giving it some serious prayer. And wouldn’t you know it, The Lord doesn’t waste time. As we walked into our hotel with our baggage to settle in my phone dinged with an email. I opened it up to find a message from God. Well, it was technically a message from the small church in Winchcombe telling us they were grateful for our consideration but felt they wanted to go in a different direction. But thats a pretty clear message from God anyways.

So we spent that first night in our hotel room praying for the days ahead when we would be taking in the sights and feel of the city, visiting various suburbs, and meeting up with some Bostonian Christian friends-of-a-friend who could give us their take on what the spiritual need was in Boston.

During our first full day in Boston we rode the underground subway system called “the T,” walked Boston Common, strolled down Newbury Street, and couldn’t help but notice church after church with their bright rainbow flags proudly notifying the public of their welcoming stance on the issue of homosexuality. Churches, mind you, whose history go back to the 17th century when they were founded by Puritans. O, the irony.

On our second day we met with the friend-of-a-friend whose husband was actually an elder from a local church. Then we were hit with another “coincidence” when we found out the husband actually grew up in Lancaster CA, attended Desert Christian, and his father pastors one of the churches in Lancaster. Go figure. It was a really fun time having dinner together and hearing their testimony to how God had called them to Boston for school and work but had stayed because God had laid a spiritual burden for that city on their hearts. By the end of our time together this church elder clearly communicated the abundant need in the Boston area for Bible-teaching churches. In fact, he straight up implored us to come and plant a church in one of the suburbs of Boston as there is such an overwhelming need. If that isn’t enough of a sign, I don’t know what is.

We spent the next few days driving around the area looking at different suburbs and getting a feel for the vibe of the city. We fell in love instantly. It was clear to us that this is where our family needed to be. So now we had our heading. It wasn’t until we figured out the “where” that we began asking the question “how?”

To find out what happened next, read our next blog “How We Got Here Part 3

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